The 5 Best Offline Games on Android That Don’t Need Internet

Top 5 Offline Mobile Games: In this digital age when everyone has a mobile pocket. Everyone wants to play games at some point. Now you may be wondering what mobile games can be played offline.
So today in this post we will suggest you about 5 Best Offline Games that you can play without internet easily.

When you are traveling alone or staying at home, mobile games are a great way to pass the time. Smartphones have become the primary device for playing video games these days. Whether playing PC or console games, most people prefer to play games through their favorite mobile.

The 5 Best Offline Games on Android

However, most mobile games now require an active internet connection to play. But today through this post we will tell about 5 fun and popular games which you can play without internet.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a mobile game where you have to overcome various obstacles and increase your score by running on the mountain. You can easily play this game on mobile. Great graphics make the game impressive.

You can play this game for free on Android mobile but to play it on iOS mobile you can play it after paying 499 Rupees.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th game is based on a famous horror movie “Friday the thirteenth”. In this game, you can play a dark character named “Jason Varghese”. When you play as Jason Varghese you must keep other players at a safe distance from the camp .You can play this game for free on both Android and iOS.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport” is a racing game that allows players to play various racing games, such as car racing, arcade-style racing, etc. In this game, you can drive your favourite car. You can play this game for free on Android mobile like other games, but you have to buy it for 900 rupees on iOS mobile.


If you love to play games then you must have heard the name Minecraft game. In this game players create their own world. You can easily play this game without internet connection.
You have to pay $7 to play this game on ios and android.

The Room

The Room” is made with maximum graphics A puzzle game. In this game you have to enter a completely dark room and solve various puzzles to light up the room. In every level of the game you can gain challenging experience. This game costs $4.99 to play on iOS and Android.

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