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The main thing that runs every machine is its engine. Just like that, every smartphone needs its operating system to run.
With each smartphone, the company keeps adding new features to its system to enhance the smartphone user experience. Android 15 Features is no exception, as it has several features. Which makes our smartphones different from others.

Let’s know in details………

Android 15: Name And Release date

Although it’s still a few months away from bringing it to market. Currently, it has started testing by the system developer. If everything goes well after the developer review is over, Android 15 beta version TK will probably complete its beta version testing by June-July.

Although Google has not yet announced exactly when Android 15 will be released, it is expected to arrive with the launch of the Pixel 9, possibly by October 2024.

Android 15 Features and its improvements

Although Android 15 is similar to the previous version, Google is going to make some significant changes to it. Some of these features have been officially announced by Google, or are waiting for the release date.

Notification Cooldown

Android has added a new feature in the notification section of its new update Android 15. This feature is called “Notification cooldown”.

Through these features, if the notification is coming repeatedly from the same app, it reduces the sound of that app’s notification. As a result, users are prevented from getting bored while using the smartphone.

Keyboard Vibration Control

Android 15 has added a new feature known as the “keyboard vibration” toggle which helps to disable keyboard vibration entirely on smartphones.

Android 15 Features : Freeze Any App

With the help of these features, if your mobile app consumes too much battery. Then you can completely freeze that app by defeating this app.

Although you might have seen these features in Android before, there has been a lot of improvement in it. So now you can freeze that app completely. And it will not consume your smartphone’s battery anywhere.

Android 15 Features : Partial screen Sharing And Recording

Although now you can record your screen or share screen with others. But when you do this you have to share everything on your mobile. But after the arrival of Android 15, you can share or record the screen of any apps separately. That is, there will be no sharing or sharing other than the upload that you want to share or agree.


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